Friday, January 21, 2011

UPDATE: National Portrait Gallery refuses to oblige AA Bronson's request

The letter from AA Bronson's lawyers to the NPG had given the institution until January 17 to remove the Canadian artist's piece (Felix, June 5, 1994) from the controversial exhibition "Hide/Seek" unless it reinstalled David Wojnarowicz' video "Fire in my Belly." Well, on Monday a spokesperson for the NPG announced that it will not comply with Bronson's request. Bronson is said to have responded to the Director of the NPG, Martin E. Sullivan, with the following e-mail: "My lawyer suggests that, according to my moral rights under copyright law in both Canada and the USA, I have the right to withdraw my work from "Hide/Seek... Please remove my work from the exhibition immediately." So the e-mail said pretty much the same as the letter. It may be time to come up with a new line of attack.

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