Friday, February 04, 2011

"All bark, no bite"

SAN FRANCISCO. The New York Times has reported that Jeff Koons LLC and Park Life gallery have reached a settlement in the dispute regarding the alleged infringement of the artist's intellectual property rights by the gallery's sales of balloon dog bookends (see here for background). The artist agreed not to "pursue" the claim if the gallery didn't tie the bookends to Koons in any way, which they had not done nor had any intention of doing. As a result of the deal, the gallery will file to dismiss the declaratory judgment suit sought in federal court. The Canadian manufacturer of the bookends, Imm-Living, received a similar letter stating the artist was dropping any intellectual claims if the bookends didn't "try to tie Koons to the bookends." Done, said the bookend maker, provided they received a letter confirming that the settlement was final.

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