Sunday, March 20, 2011

UK round-up

  • "UK art market loses out to "phenomenal" Chinese." reports on the European Art Foundation study revealing that the UK has lost its position as the second largest art market to China. According to the study "the UK's share of the global art market fell by 5 percentage points to 22 per cent in the four years to 2010." 
  • The Bolton Crown Court having declared the Amarna Princess a fake Egyptian scultpure created by Susan Greenhalgh and awarded ownership to the Metropolitan Police, it is now set to return Bolton Museum. Bolton councillor Elaine Sherrington says that in deciding to display the fake, they did not wish to "condone criminal activity" or "glamourise crime" but rather wanted to show that "even the most artful of forgers is eventually brought to justice" -- hardly the message most viewers are going to take away with them after they visit the display. How can this not glamourise crime? Displaying the sculpture is a mistake: the appropriate fate of a fake is shredding, incineration or stamping "so that no one will be fooled again."
  • "Any taxation that makes the wealthy feel less rich can have a chilling impact." Overview of recent tax changes in the UK and their potential impact on those who buy art.

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