Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Met museum and Jan Cowles -- the true owners of the Mark Tansey cow painting -- file their own complaint against Wylde

Mark Tansey's "The Innocent Eye Test" (1981), the painting
that continues to spew litigation
The true owners of the Mark Tansey cow painting sold by Charles Cowles to Robert Wylde through Gagosian Gallery have filed a complaint seeking a declaratory judgment to force Wylde to hand over the painting. The Metropolitan Museum and Jan Cowles (mother of Charles Cowles) each own 31 and 69%, respectively, of the painting. Crucially, the fact that the plaintiffs co-owned the painting was a matter of public record (see the Met's website here).
Meanwhile, litigation instituted by Wylde against Gagosian Gallery is already pending (see here) and has attracted a lot of attention as people anticipate getting a  closer glimpse at the inner workings of the Gagosian powerhouse.


  1. In my opinion the sale was not valid because it was not sold by both owners.

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