Tuesday, October 26, 2010

UPDATE: the Fisk saga continues

The Tennessee Attorney General filed last Friday a second proposal regarding the future of the Stieglitz collection. Background to and the Chancery Court's rejection of his first proposal can be found here and here (Fisk went on to revise its prospective agreement with the Crystal Bridges Museum in light of the Court's ruling). The AG's latest filing is the product of the establishment of a fund by Fisk alumna Carol Creswell-Betsch that has already received commitments sufficient to "allow Fisk University to keep its Stieglitz art collection and display the works on campus at no cost to the school" (approx. $130,000 a year). Assuming Judge Lyle is still of the view that the winning proposal must secure the long-term financial health of Fisk, I, like Donn Zaretsky of The Art Law Blog, suspect the AG's second proposal will be rejected. However, given Judge Lyle's past record and the ever-illusive notion of "donor intent," of course, who knows what the next installment of Fisk news will bring. Meanwhile, Fisk University has already knocked-down the AG's second proposal.

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