Thursday, October 14, 2010

UPDATE: latest Fisk court filing

The New York Times has reported that Fisk University has revised the terms of the agreement with the Crystal Bridges Museum in relation to the Stieglitz Collection to address some of the concerns voiced by the Chancery Court in Nashville, Tennessee. Notably, "Fisk and Crystal Bridges have agreed that the art will remain at Fisk, in Nashville, until 2013, then be exhibited at Crystal Bridges for two years and returned to Fisk between 2015 and 2017. After that, the art will be on a two-year rotation unless the committee established to oversee the art “has a good reason to make a change,” the university said." A case example of how "the future will be shared," as the opinion section of The Art Newspaper so eloquently put it recently.

For background on the ongoing Fisk litigation see here, here  and here. For a good analysis of the latest Fisk news see Donn Zaretsky's commentary on The Art Law Blog, which also includes a link to Fisk's court filing.

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